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Are you planning to visit Leicester in the upcoming days or months? Are you going to this city for business, leisure or a short break? Are you thinking about a cheap and affordable solution for transportation? We at have the right answer for you. Our company is proud to introduce in this area the new service of minibus hire in Leicester and Leicester coach hire. We are a leading firm in the transport sector. We can arrange customized offers for you. It doesn’t matter if you go to this place for a wedding, a birthday, a party, a festival or a meeting. We are here to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction to all our customers. We are a team trained and motivated to deliver the best results and to transform your trip in a very special moment in your life. If you address us, you won’t have concerns and risks. You are sure to do the safest and best investment of all.

There are many reasons to visit Leicester through our services of minibus hire and coach hire. This city is one of the biggest urban areas in the East Midlands. It has a glorious past, which has its roots in the era of the ancient Romans. It was also an important centre in the Middle Age and the Norman Conquest. If you go there through our coaches, you will have the pleasure to visit well-known and astonishing monuments such as the New Walk Museum, the Jewry Wall Museum, the Guildhall and the Belgrave Hall. In this city there are well-established cultural events such as the Leicester Comedy Festival, the Caribbean Carnival and the Leicester Short Film Festival. Other buildings of cultural and artistic value are the Little Theatre, the Y Theatre, the City Gallery and the Peepul Centre. Another relevant planned event is the so-called Abbey Park Bonfire & Firework Display, where you can admire the spectacle created by the most futuristic fireworks and other local celebrations. Another remarkable initiative in this city is the anniversary of the Magna Carta, which was the first example of introduction of democratic and liberal values in an official document. This celebration is characterized by local exhibitions, workshops, shows and open days in museums. Finally, Leicester is also an ideal city for young audiences and students. In fact, the University of Leicester is one of the most important and high profiles academic institutions in United Kingdom. It has four faculties and most of its buildings have a futuristic and visionary style of architecture.

There are plenty of reasons to visit this area through our service of minibus hire in Leicester and Leicester coach hire. We are the leading company in this sector for two main reasons: established background of success and high customer satisfaction. Our trained and experienced Team is reachable 24h and has the right skills and expertise to fulfill all your requests and needs. We are glad to answer all your doubts, curiosities and other questions. Our booking process is easy, safe and “hassle free”. We also accept a wide range of credit cards and guarantee full payment protection and total customer satisfaction. We can offer a wide choice of different minibus and coaches from the smaller models to the bigger ones. Our fleet of minibuses is regularly checked and inspected by our technicians to ensure the highest standards of security and reliability. Our fares are the most competitive and affordable and for this reasons, we can arrange orders for all budgets. If you want to have an instant and free quote, please visit us at!