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28-35 Seater Coach

There are many places in the United Kingdom worthy of a family outing or business trip. Most people find the city of Leicester very suitable when it comes to hosting important occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, business meetings and conferences. However, it is important to note that in trying to shuttle around town, consulting a minibus hire in Leicester would be an ideal option. We pride ourselves as being the top provider of 28-34 seater coach vehicles to suit any outing or occasion in Leicester.

Fortunately, you can arrange with our reputable and experienced representatives to pick you at a designated location, and at specific time. They take every precaution to ensure that they are always punctual, courteous, and can assist you move around in a safe and convenient manner. Other than being spacious, our 28-34 seater coaches have inbuilt entertainment systems to ensure that you remain entertained throughout the ride. Also, the 28-34 seater buses in our lot have been installed with spacious and well padded seats that meet the highest levels of comfort. All our buses meet the required safety standards, and are equipped with engines that are strong enough to take you through any challenging terrain.

Moreover, our world class Leicester coach hire services is uniquely affordable. We adopt a friendly pricing strategy which contributes to making our services affordable for our customers, while not compromising in luxury and comfort. In most instances, there are different minibus packages to choose from, depending on your unique requirements and budget. Regardless of your reason for visiting Leicester, we can avail a minibus that is comfy, and has all the features you need.

Our minibus drivers are highly professional and reliable. They are conversant with their terrain, and present the utmost regard for their passengers. Moreover, they have been trained on customer care and related matters, such that they know how to relate appropriately with all members of the traveling team. Using our service would have saved you a lot of travel time, and stress, as our drivers know the shortest (and most ideal) routes to your destination. They are tasked with ensuring that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout the trip. At, our aim is to help you have a memorable adventure within and around Leicester. Contact us today, and let an experienced team member address your inquires, and proffer meaningful suggestions to your transportation needs.